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If you need a flatbed towing, Stockbridge Towing can help. This is a service that a lot of towing operators provide but it is a good idea to know which type of tow truck is best to match the current situation. Do you know when flatbed towing is the better option?


Your Car is Low

If your vehicle has a low profile, is lowered, or is naturally low, flatbed towing is probably one of the better options for you. Cars with low profiles are not easy to tow on a tilted deck or on a dolly because it can cause damage to the vehicle’s body.  Stockbridge Towing has flatbed tow trucks that can easily transport your low-profile vehicle while saving it from unnecessary damage.


Your Vehicle is Extremely Heavy

Tow trucks with dollies are designed to tow light vehicles safely.  It is not a wise idea to use these types of tow trucks for vehicles that are heavier and that is when a flatbed tow truck is a good idea. Stockbridge Towing can take a look at your vehicle and let you know what your options are, but if you have a large truck or a larger vehicle such as a recreational vehicle, a flatbed truck is recommended to prevent damage to your vehicle and also damage to the vehicle that is towing yours.


Vehicles with All Wheel Drive / 4×4

If your vehicle has an all-wheel-drive or constantly has the 4-wheel drive option engaged, towing this type of vehicle can be problematic.  With the front tires lifted off the ground, the rear wheels are dragging, and this can cause severe transmission damage.  A flatbed truck can transport your 4 x 4 vehicle safely by loading it onto the flatbed and securing it. This will protect the transmission of your vehicle and will not damage the towing vehicle.


Transporting a Classic Car

Classic cars are priceless to collectors and they are not something that you would want to two on a dolly or on a tilt behind a tow truck. Classic cars need to be handled carefully because any small amount of damage can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to repair.  Stockbridge Towing understands the need to care for your classic car and that is why they have flatbed tow trucks that can transport your classic car safely.


To Save Time

When you are moving and have several vehicles that are not insured or in running condition, a flatbed tow truck can move your vehicle from one location to another. This saves you time and money since you will not have to insure those vehicles to drive them to another location or take the time to move them yourself.


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