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If you own a business or just a property with a parking lot, you probably don’t want people who don’t belong there taking up your valuable parking space. What do you do when unwanted vehicles are constantly parking in your parking area, creating a nuisance for customers and guests? You might think calling a towing company is a drastic step. The truth is, unwanted vehicle removal is the safest way to keep your parking lot clear of unwanted vehicles and safe for customers, visitors, and passersby. 

Not only does Stockbridge Towing handle vehicle removal, but we also impound the vehicles so that the offenders don’t simply just roll back onto your lot whenever they want. There are a number of reasons why using a towing company like Stockbridge Towing is the best option for all your vehicle removal needs. 


Deter Crime and Remove Nuisances 


Whether they park there overnight or just for a while, unwanted vehicles that aren’t living or doing business on your property are a nuisance to people in the area. Not only that, in some cases, people may park in a seemingly empty parking lot in an effort to commit crimes. 

Keeping a towing company on standby or having them regularly patrol your lot for unwanted vehicles is a way to keep people from parking there for no reason or for behaving in a way that makes the area unsafe. As business and property owners, it is our duty to keep our community safe from bad actors. 


Keep Space Freed Up For Customers 


One of the biggest complaints customers have about businesses is not having anywhere to park. If you already have limited parking and a high customer volume, then having unwanted vehicles on your lot will only make things worse. Imagine if customers routinely get frustrated with having nowhere to park and finding out that all that business was lost simply because people who had no business in your lot were parked there. 

That’s why having parking enforcement with a towing company is useful to not only remove violators, but the mere presence of parking enforcement will reduce the likelihood of people parking if they don’t belong. 


Having a Towing Company On Standby For Emergencies 


Though it doesn’t always happen, there may be times when a battery goes dead, a vehicle has mechanical problems, or it just plain won’t go anymore. In these cases, you want to look out for your customers and your business. 

Having a towing company on standby for just such an occasion can put customer’s minds at ease and make sure that broken-down vehicles get to a repair shop or safely back to the customer’s residence. Plus, it frees up space in your parking lot without an all-day hassle. Your customers will appreciate the extra assistance as well. 


A Towing Service is the Safer Option 


When you don’t know why a vehicle is parked in your lot, but it’s clear they don’t belong, it’s best not to try and confront the situation yourself. Let trained experts handle the situation. Most tow truck drivers know how to handle situations where a vehicle is illegally parked and needs to be towed, and in the event of an incident you have witnessed there and can call the authorities. 

Never take matters into your own hands when you have someone by your side like Stockbridge Towing. 


Final Thoughts 


There you have it, all the reasons to hire Stockbridge Towing to handle your vehicle removal and impounding needs. We hope this gives you the clarity and reassurance you need to make the right choice when it comes to parking enforcement.