Stockbridge Township Hall


Stockbridge is the gateway to Henry County, Georgia. Stockbridge continues to enjoy tremendous growth with its great small-town hospitality and excellent public services that spur on economic development supported by all of its community members. With its convenient location within just minutes of the best restaurants, bars and hotels in the county, Stockbridge serves as a gateway to the heart of Georgia and is a breath of fresh air from the busy streets of Atlanta.

The roughly 25,000 people of this quaint Georgian town are a tight-knit community who values hard work and community partners’ trust. The town welcomes everyone from everywhere. After all, this is the community where Martin Luther King Sr. was born and first preached at Floyd Chapel Baptist Church. This historic landmark stands and delivers Sunday services to this day. When you next visit the Peach State,  Stockbridge will help you explore Georgia as nowhere else can.

Stockbridge is home to a wide variety of nature reserves and parks that will leave you breathless from the sites and yet refreshed from the proximity to nature. People of all ages can come and enjoy the sights at  Panola Mountain State Park and Dabney Hunter Simmons Memorial Park. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the outdoors with sports and event centers located all around the city, including the golf courses at Eagles Landing Country Club and JP Mosely Park Disc Golf Course.

Stockbridge is one of the best areas to live near Atlanta and around Georgia. Because of its population, the city is not too dense and can host many residents comfortably while still feeling modern. This suburban area is home to many people who work in Atlanta. Living here means getting to know many members of the community who genuinely care for you. Its public services are also well maintained. Staying here for a while is a great way to unwind, and staying here longer is an option you might want to explore.

Enjoy all of the family-friendly scenes that you can see all around the city. It has many hiking trails that highlight Georgia’s natural appeal and diverse wildlife and plant life. Relax and enjoy time with your family with a picnic at a pavilion in Memorial Park. You can bust out your bike and enjoy the sights and sounds of Reeves Creek Trail. You can even take your dog out for a walk and make new friends at Clark Community Park

See the whole city and its history through Ageless Adventures and enjoy its wide variety of holiday events like the upcoming Christmas Tree Farm at Yule Forest. Enjoy culture in history in and around the city with a concert series called Sounds of Summer and the Screen on the Green events annually held at the town. Enjoy the sights on Reeves Creek Trail and make it in time for the annual Bridgefest, a celebration of life and American pride.

You can even take time to explore Georgian hospitality. Stockbridge posts its annual events online. The city is known for keeping its residents safe while still encouraging them to explore their city’s many adventures. Our robust community of well-wishing people thrives in Stockbridge, and it’s always open to welcome you and your family.

When you are on a journey through Georgia,  explore the entire state in the microcosm that is Stockbridge. When you’re stuck on the road during that journey, you can always call the professional at Stockbridge Towing to help you get back on the road.